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Step By Step

In the Design Studio creating your dream bed head has never been easier!
Watch your design come to life by changing options and adding and removing features.
Want more info? See our super simple step-by-step instructions below:

Step one

Choose your height


  • The show stopper: For those who want to make their bed head a stand out feature in their space
  • 25cm taller than Low Profile
  • Freestanding
  • No Installation
  • Reclaimed timber legs
  • Sutible for bed heights* of 55cm and over

Low Profile

  • The perfect finishing touch to any bedroom
  • Freestanding
  • No Installation
  • Reclaimed timber legs
  • A match made in heaven for rooms with shelves, niches or windows
  • Sutible for bed heights* of 55cm and under


  • Streamlined Bedhead for those who are not afraid of a little DIY
  • Brackets and Instructions included for easy easy attaching to the wall
  • No legs
  • Allows loads of freedom in how high you position your bed head
  • Sutible for all bed heights*

*To find out how to measure your bed height click here

Step two

Select your front fabric

Choose from a curated color pallete of luxe Belgian linens
or make a statement with Mexsii exclusive artwork prints

Keep it simple

Choose from a curated selection
of luxe Belgian linen.

Mexsii Exclusive

Choose from a range of signature
Mexsii excluxive artworks.

Step three

show us your style

Pop your personality into your bed head by selecting
from a range of piping, button & border options.

Be sure to look out for the Symbol to know when you have
selected a Mexsii exclusive item you won't find anywhere else!

Go Borderless and keep things
classic with a simple fabric button

Add some Mexsii exclusive
resin marbled buttons

Go all out & make it Mexsii Exclusive!
Pop in some resin buttons & border artwork

You're ready!

It's your time to shine

Got more questions? Head over to our FAQ's
page or drop us a line on our contact page.

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